Idaho Supports Raising the Tobacco Sale Age [Infographic]

Idaho Supports Raising the Tobacco Sale Age [Infographic]

It’s nothing new to hear about the dangers of tobacco. Smoking has long been associated with a greater risk of developing many adverse health conditions, including respiratory disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer.

To make matters worse, 95% of smokers start before they turn 21. Research shows that the frontal lobe of the human brain – responsible for judgement – is still under development until age 25. Raising the tobacco sale age to 21 will help protect young people against tobacco addiction during a vulnerable development period.

Residents in Idaho have shown support for increasing the minimum sales age to 21. A 2017 survey was conducted by GS Strategy Group with a group of 500 Idaho voters to better understand public opinion on the current tobacco sale age and the option to raise it to 21. The survey results show that the majority of Idaho residents – across age and party demographics – support raising the age. The infographic below is a breakdown of the survey results.



These survey results further emphasize the need to raise the legal sale age for tobacco products and why we are pushing to pass Tobacco 21 for the state of Idaho in the next legislative session. To stay informed of news and updates happening around Tobacco 21 Idaho and learn how you can take action in the near future, join our newsletter.